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Whether you're just starting out and looking to land your first paying client, or you're a seasoned pro, our goal is to help you have a major breakthrough in your business and take it to the next level!

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When you're starting out it can be a struggle to find paying customers; especially those who see the value in video and pay the rates you deserve.

In this free 100 page eBook, I share the simple shifts YOU can make to go from undervalued to well-paid and well-respected.

I’ve been on this journey, myself. I remember the first day I landed a 5-figure video client… and it’s only been up from there.

This ebook contains everything you need to get started in your video business with awesome, high-paying clients.

Get Your First 100 Leads

If you've worked with a few clients but word-of-mouth referrals are drying up, or if you're sick of not knowing where your next client is coming from, then you need to start putting sales systems in place.

In my unique 5-day course (that takes less than 20 minutes per day), you'll learn my repeatable, proven process for finding qualified leads and high-paying clients that was responsible for over £1,000,000 in video sales last year.

This program shows you step by step how to automate and streamline your sales process and it's been built on 10+ years of my own experience as well as contributions from leading experts.

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Join a thriving community of over 400 likeminded video business owners and strategists with my comprehensive business-in-a-box.

You'll learn how to market your business, build valuable relationships, advanced lead generation strategies, and the Value Based Pricing system for closing high ticket clients.

You’ll also have a chance to roleplay your new skills with me in a safe environment, before you test drive them with real leads. You’ll get templates and calculators to simplify your business transformation. And you’ll get bonus content to take your business success to the next level.

Reject the frustrating status quo, like these video business owners:

Charged 7X More In Just a Few Weeks

Scott went from charging a few hundred pounds per video to multiple thousands within weeks of joining. In his most recent proposal, following the steps in the course, he was able to charge 7 times more than his 'best case scenario' budget.

60X Return on Investment

Jay is an established video business owner and within a few weeks of joining was able to turn a $10,000 project into a $46,000 project, paying for his membership many times over.

"I'm a different business owner 2 months down the line"

Kelby went from undercharging and overworking to feeling confident talking about his value and increasing his prices. Even as an MBA graduate he learnt new skills and strategies that he was able to implement in his business.

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