Video Business Mastery Results


Alex's business had reached a plateau with no new clients and referrals dried up. Since joining VBM, Alex now has the confidence and the tools to consistently close deals with his ideal clients with a method that he feels great about. He has renewed enthusiasm and is working with clients on a whole new level.


After 5 years in business Martha wasn't happy with how her business was going, undercharging and taking any and every job that went her way. Now after working with us and implementing our frameworks, she's completely changed the way she values her work and has closed multiple 50k+ deals.


Before joining VBM Matt was charging an average of $3k per project and felt like he was the bottleneck in his business. Since joining Video Business Mastery he's been able to land a long term retainer client and a $250,000 project, while also freeing up his time.


Brian was charging $75/hour (capping out at 4k/month) and constantly felt like he was stuck 'in' his business. Being self-taught, he was concerned his work wasn't good enough to attract higher paying clients. Within just 3 months of working together he's now billing over 30k/month, working with top tier brands, and has started hiring a team to build his agency.


Within weeks of joining, Dan went from struggling to make a profit to landing one $20,000 deal and six $30,000 deals. Importantly, he now has full confidence in what he's offering, what he's charging, and the results he can bring to his clients.


Chris went from no work and losing enthusiasm for his business to completely reinvigorated. Within 3 months of working together, Chris went from £5000 deals to £50,000 and even £400,000. He says 'it becomes a normal conversation to have' and it's given him his confidence back.


Taylor went from charging $5000/video to now $50,000+. She realised that by undercharging she was doing a disservice to her clients. By using the VBM Value Based Pricing system she's now able to communicate her value and return on investment to her clients.


Jordan was working on his business part-time. After joining VBM he was able to fulfil his dream of quitting his day job and going all-in on his video business, working with his ideal clients in the automotive industry.


Jason had been stuck with his business around the same level for past few years, but that changed after joining VBM. Within weeks of joining VBM he was able to land a $35,000 deal.


Jay is an established video business owner and within a few weeks of joining was able to turn a $10,000 project into a $46,000 project. Last year, using the strategies taught in VBM, he added an additional $489,000 in revenue to his business.


Eduardo knew he had the creative and technical skills, but wasn't getting jobs that reflected this. He now feels empowered and confident in his ability to land clients, price his services and value himself.


Derek says he learned more from VBM than his entire college marketing degree. He's learnt how to price himself, how to communicate his value, and how to operate as a business leader and strategist.


Nathalie wanted to start getting quality projects through the door and upping her profit margins. “These would have taken me months or years to achieve. Joining this course has meant I’ve taken some giant leaps forward a lot quicker than I would have done.”


“It’s really hard to put a price on the amount of value given in Video Business Mastery. Literally, every single video in the course was helpful and valuable, and it was exactly what we needed. It’s a roadmap for you to follow, so you don’t have to go through years of trial and error. That’s something you can’t put a price on.”


Jesse says "VBM has been a game changer for me... instead of valuing your time like an employee, you start thinking like a business owner and strategist".


Kelby went from undercharging and overworking to feeling confident talking about his value and increasing his prices. Even as an MBA graduate he learnt new skills and strategies that he was able to implement in his business.


"The first six weeks are a crash course in figuring out how to operate a business.. It was immensely valuable...

If you want to stop trading time for money and learn how to scale your business... This is an investment in your future."


Leander has been a filmmaker for companies like National Geographic and Disney. Even with over 30 years experience, he says "It's been a fantastic learning curve and I can highly recommend the course."


Scott went from charging a few hundred pounds per video to multiple thousands within weeks of joining. In his most recent proposal, following the steps in the course, he was able to charge 7 times more than his 'best case scenario' budget.


“I’ve spent over $20,000 in courses, conferences, mentors, etc. over the course of my filmmaking career. I was absolutely blown away by this course. Not only is it super engaging, but it asks the right questions that you need to know about your business, and it puts you in the right mindset to succeed. You will not regret getting this course.”


Andre's new found ability to price his services and work ON his business instead of IN his business has enabled him to hire his first employees - achieving his top level goal on joining VBM: to free up significantly more of his personal time.


“It’s very hard to get yourself out of the creative headspace and into the business headspace. The step-by-step process that Jackson sets out during the course is incredibly simple, easy to follow. If you follow them, you’ll make a huge difference to your business very, very quickly"

“The mentality shift is when you think of Video Business Mastery as an investment and not a cost. If you implement everything that you’re taught in the course, it very, very, very quickly pays for itself.”

-Stephen Bollschweiler, Video Business Mastery student

“We went from a person who is spending less than $1k/mo in marketing to getting a $32k budget for the first year and it was EASY.”

-Jason Weitz, Video Business Mastery student